Chapter One :Chapter 1


My wedding day is the most important day of my life. Finally, I can say, "He's mine."

Eliot Hunter Hamilton, the man I've adored for 5 years, has now become my boyfriend and, as of today, my husband.

I smiled and looked in the mirror at my entire body, which was dressed in a white gown that I had long wished to wear on the day of our wedding.

"Your so beautiful my daughter in law, i'm sure my son will be stunned when he sees you walking to the altar" I looked at Aunt Agnes, the mother of the man I will marry. she was walking towards me when she said that.

"Of course Aunt, Eliot will be shocked after seeing me wearing this gown" I confidently said as i smiled when I response to her.

“You really are my daughter in law! Let's hurry because it looks like your future Husband will be bored, maybe he is nervous because of our time. “Aunt Agnes said while smiling, I was ready too and we went out of the room reserved for me where artist make up me earlier. When we got out we walked and we went up to the stairs.

“Just stay put Iris! First, I'll go downstairs first and you just walk slowly so I can take a good picture of you ”She said excitedly and went downstairs first and when she got down she took out her cellphone.

"smile! ..... That's how beautiful my daughter -in -law is really" She said and when she finished capturing a pic we went down and left their mansion. Yup at their mansion, I live with them. We boarded the white car that would take us to Church.

"I will take you to the altar Iris " She said smiling at me and held my hand.

"Thank you auntie because you're always there for me" I said with a smile.

"Don't thank me my soon to be daughter in law you will be part of the Hamilton family. So it's only appropriate to let you know that you're not different from us" she said. Suddenly the car stopped and I saw that we were in front of the Church.

“Are you ready? ”she said the driver opened the car door and that Aunt Agnes came out first before I followed. When I got out I took a deep breath before smiling and looking at the Church door. My aunt supported me Until we reached the door of the church.

I'm already in the middle of the door slowly opening The door with the music Marry your daughter. I walked slowly while Tita was by my side. I just looked at the man standing at the altar who was cold. he looked at me and that surprised me. He was supposed to be happy because it's our day but I just ignored it and just smiled at him.

We are surrounded by people the important people in his Life. I'm just The rest of them who come from unknown Family. Everyone here in the Church is smiling at me. I feel the support and love of the Family here. When we get to the altar I still can't see The joy in his eyes It's as if he's not happy to marry me. I removed from my mind The negatives I was thinking and just smiled.

"Son take care of her, If I find out that you made her cry you'll taste a flying plate from me" still worried and joking Aunt said to him, and the people here in the Church including me Laugh but Nothinghe was still reacting. Auntie gave my arm to him. So I took it and we faced the Priest.

“Before I start this wedding I will first ask All Here. If anyone objects to this wedding, I give you a chance to stand up. ”The Priest announced and looked at all the guests. For a few minutes no one stood up.

"If no one objects, I can continue," said the Priest. The two of us just stood in front of the Priest while waiting for him to say something.

“Mr. Eliot Hunter Hamilton, Say after me ”The Priest said So he just nodded.

“I, Eliot hunter Hamilton take you Iris Lou Clifford to be my spouse. I guarantee to be genuine to you in great times and in terrible, in ailment and in wellbeing. I will adore you and respect you all the days of my life.” Priest said.

“I, Eliot hunter Hamilton take you Iris Lou Clifford to be my spouse. I guarantee to be genuine to you in great times and in terrible, in ailment and in wellbeing. I will adore you and respect you all the days of my life. ” Eliot said while looking at me. I can't explain the feeling that I felt when he says that. I on the other hand, just stared at him and followed what the Priest said.

"I, Iris Lou Clifford take you Eliot Hunter Hamilton to be my spouse. I guarantee to be genuine to you in great times and in terrible, in ailment and in wellbeing. I will adore you and respect you all the days of my life. " I smiled at him.

“You have pronounced your assent some time recently the Church. May the Ruler in his goodness fortify your assent and fill you both with his favors. That God has joined, man must not isolated. Amen. You may exchange your vows and ring as a sign of your love to your partner ”Promise of the Priest So next We will give a ring to each other.

In front of us the container of the ring, he's The first to take ring before he look at me I see in his eyes The guilty but I do not know why.

"Nowadays, before our companions and family, I allow you everything I am and everything I will develop to be. I adore you, and I pledge to be your most genuine companion. I will share your trusts and dreams whereas working to assist you accomplish the objectives you hold expensive.I guarantee to continuously be right by your side and to tune in calmly with an open heart.I promise to you my devotion, trustworthiness, sympathy and absolution.I pledge to adore you always, no matter what long haul holds. I will be your most steadfast confidant and companion, and your adoring husband since you're my heart and my soul presently and forever. Please accept this ring as a sign of my Love and faithfulness to you. " He said and he put the ring in my finger ring When he put on me, I took also a ring and looked straight into his eyes.

“I’d like to thank you, for inquiring me to be yours and for going through with it. You came into my life and totally changed it - for the way better. I venerate you and I would like to thank you for your tolerance and understanding. Much appreciated moreover for putting up with my tears, fits and all those Wonderful minutes! You're my shake and I can't hold up to spend the rest of my life being yours. A wedding can happen anyplace and at any time, but it can as it were be a genuine celebration when all the individuals you cherish are there to share it with you. Thank you for being my Accomplice if it's not too much trouble acknowledging this ring as a sign of my Cherish for you and loyalty ”I cried as I told him my vows and wore the ring in his hand.

"I presently articulate you as a husband and Wife, you will presently kiss your bride" The priest said, he slowly approached me and when our lips is almost close. suddenly the door of the church open, everyone looked at there including me.

When the door of the Church was opened, a woman with long hair and a white dress appeared, noticing the lump or more correctly telling her that she was pregnant. Shes looking at here at the altar where Eliot and I were standing while. I saw the pain that could be seen in her two eyes and she slowly walked closer to us.

If I describe her appearance, I can say that she looks like a Barbie doll because of her whiteness and innocent looks. When she got close to us, she stopped in the middle not far from us because it looked like it was only four walks.

"H-Hubby ...... w-what's ... the meaning of this" She said softly and stuttering as he looked back and forth with the two of us i saw her tears dripping while holding her one hand in her stomach bulged. I looked at Eliot and d*mn. I just saw that expression i didn't saw in my entire life with him filled with concern, i just moved away from him a little.

“Eliot what is happening right now! Do you know this girl? ” I asked him sharply and confusedly. But I didn't get an answer from him and instead he just approached the pregnant woman.

"B-baby d*mn stop crying okay it's not good with our baby" He worriedly said to the pregnant woman. It was as if a few needles had pierced me. What i witnessed today in the day of our wedding.

"Eliot can you explain this to me because I'm confused. It's our wedding day today but this is what's happening !!" I yelled at him.

"CAN YOU F*CKING SHUT UP!" He shouted at me with all his might, i jumped a little and gradually my tears drop slowly in my cheeks i notice the people who are already looking confusily to us.

"Oh my god! We are in the church, don't cuss here, fear God" The priest panickly said but i ignored him.

"So you're shouting me just because of that woman!" I shouted to him.

"Stop it Iris! Let's just talk later, I'll take her home first ”I was hurt when he mentioned my name, he never called me by my name..... damn it's hurt.

"Let's go home baby" He said gently to the woman while he's escorting her and they slowly walked to leave the church.

"Y-your leaving me here?...." I said softly and I knew he heard that, he stopped but he also continued to walk.

"I swear when you step out in this church with that woman, that means you don't have any reason to comeback to me again.." I said and pain can be felt in my voice... he stopped as he heard that and looked at me.

"Plaese Iris not now..." He said with pleasing eyes.

"When you go with that woman that just means that you prefer her than me" I said while my tears slowly pour on my cheeks.

"F*CK IT IRIS WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORD LET'S TALK LATER !!!" He shouted, I can't speak because this is the first time he shouted at me.

I become stunned and feel empty because of what just happened. I can't hold my legs anymore and just fell on the floor of the Church.

“Oh My God !! Daughter, are you okay? ”My aunt approached me but my mind was blank and i just cried.

"Husshh now Iris, my son we'll surely pay for this" Aunt agnes said and she hugged me, i just feel that losing him is just like losing my whole existing, crying is just the thing i did and didn't even listened to other various comments. Because of too much crying I lost consciousness.

“Oh gosshhh Rex help us she collapse !!” I even heard my aunt shout at her husband which is uncle Rex but i couldn't hear anything, my vision start to get blurry and everything went blank.

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