Chapter One :Chapter 1

Victoria's POV

''Wake up Vicky.'' I could hear mom's voice in my sleep.

''No mom, let me sleep.'' I grumbled and turned to the other side of the bed.

''Wake up, we are going to get late.'' She murmured as she shook my legs.

''Mom.'' I groaned angrily and slowly opened my eyes.

''Don't tell me you forgot about today.'' Mom asked as she placed her two hands on her hips and tapped her feet on the floor.

Angrily, I took off the blanket from my body and stood up from the bed while grumbling.

''Alpha Derick is coming back today, we need to get everything ready.'' She muttered out quickly and threw a towel at me.

''Get ready, we have a lot of things to do.'' She said those words and pushed me in the direction of the bathroom.

Groaning angrily, I entered the bathroom and slowly took off my clothes.

''Why must he come back.'' I murmured those words with a big frown as a memory flashed in my head.

I was just seventeen, and it was my first arrival in the pack. Mom asked me to serve Alpha Derick some juice upstairs in his room. Happily, I took the juice upstairs to his room, because I was excited to see the young Alpha. I got to his room door, knocked on the door, but got no response from him. I knocked again and still, there was no response from Alpha Derick.

Tired of knocking, I decided to go back with the drink, but just then the door opened and Derick stood by the door, shirtless and sweating profusely.

Without saying a word, he took the tray of juice from my hand, gave me a quizzical look before letting the tray fall from his hand.

Out of fear, I jumped off and stared at him with wild eyes.

''Little chicken.'' He mocked

I frowned at him, but didn't say a word. He had just made the alpha of the pack and I didn't want to cause trouble, not like I could even cause trouble.

''You maids are too stupid, despite being a werewolf you still show weakness.'' He groaned softly and tried to move closer to me, but I took few steps backward.

''How many times do I have to tell you guys that I don't drink orange juice.'' He spoke angrily as I noticed the color of his eyes changing.

The moment I saw the color of his eyes, I flipped in fear and nervously swallowed my saliva.

''What's wrong baby.'' I heard a female voice behind him, before I noticed hands wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his back. Without being told, I knew it was Emma, Derick's mate and the daughter of the alpha of the snow pack, who happens to be a close friend to Derick's father.

''Let's go in, you don't want this maid spoiling our fun.'' hearing those words from her, pierced through my soul, but what can I do? She was indeed right, I'm a daughter of a maid in this mansion, so apparently everyone sees me as one.

''Get out, and make sure you don't ever show yourself to me.''he declared those words as a treat before slamming the door at me.

''Bastard.'' I whispered to myself, squatted and picked up the broken glasses on the floor before leaving.

After that incident, I never saw him until a few weeks later I heard he had gone to Canada to further his education alongside his mate Emma.

''Vicky, what is keeping you so long?'' Mum yelled from the room, taking me out from my thoughts.

Tiredly, I came out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my chest before leaving the bathroom.

''Get dressed and come to the main house. She said those words and quickly left my room.

Angrily, I took off the towel, creamed my body before putting on a simple outfit of a blue dress that was above my knees.

I stood before the dressing mirror, quickly parked my hair in a bun, before leaving the room.

I left the boy's quarter and went into the main house, where the Luciano family lives. The moment I got to the sitting room, I noticed the sitting room was filled with different people from the pack, sitting on the couch while they awaited the arrival of alpha Derick. Sighing softly, I made my way to the kitchen and was almost at the door when I felt a hand on my arm.

''Hey human wolf.''Clara mocked with a devilish smile on her face.

''My name is Victoria.'' I spoke angrily and tried taking her hand off my arm, but she tightened it.

''Of course you are Victoria, the girl without a wolf and a mate, the human wolf.'' Clara mocked with a soft chuckle.

Hearing those words from her brought back painful memories, memories I wish to forget.

''Let go of her.'' I heard a familiar voice behind me, and without turning around I knew it was Clinton, the twin brother to Clara.

On hearing Clinton's words, Clara groaned angrily and let go of my arm.

''You won't keep saving her for long.'' Clara grumbled and walked away.

''Thank you.'' I flashed Clinton a big smile.

''Don't worry, all this will be over once you leave for Australia.'' He assured me

''Hopefully.'' I murmured and walked towards the direction of the kitchen.

''You are finally here, take this and chop, and please be quick.'' Mom said those words and handed a tray of carrots to me.

I grumbled softly, took the tray from her and started chopping the carrot.

I hated this town and country and just can't wait for the next three months to come.

Here in Agora town, I was seen as an outcast because I was the only one without a wolf, my mom was a werewolf while my dad happens to be a human.

On the day of my eighteenth birthday, mom made so many preparations for me. It was the day I would shift to my wolf and probably find my mate, but that day became a total disaster for me, and I wish never to talk about it.

''Shit.'' I quickly withdrew my hands from the tray of carrots.

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